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Synchronizer Components

Oerlikon’s Friction Systems offers the ideal solution for manual and dual-clutch gearboxes, as well as for pioneering hybrid vehicle applications.

Synchronizer Components

Quick and Smooth Gear Changes

Friction Systems can be your technology partner for innovative transmission synchronizers. Our advanced synchronizers consist of precision-formed steel rings with Carbon friction linings that fulfill the highest performance expectations.

In particular, our 2-layer EF®8000 and EF®5010 Carbon friction materials are market leaders in this industry and set the benchmark for quick and smooth gear changes. Additionally, our EF®9000 friction material family is the reliable choice for heavy duty transmissions due to extreme durability requirements.

Friction Systems is the Right Choice for:
  • Standard and tailor made solutions
  • High performance applications
  • Compact design
  • Modular platform design
  • Fuel economy
  • NVH improvements
  • Cost efficiency

Friction Systems is present in all major markets to serve the global automotive industry, offering local manufacturing and design engineering to develop synchronizers that meet the specifications of your applications.